The Department of Sociology of the Panteion University is the first Department of Sociology in the country. It was founded in 1984 and has been operating since then cultivating the various disciplines of the science of sociology. The curriculum of the Department attempts to respond to the contemporary theoretical quests, to the modern directions of interdisciplinary management of social problems and to elaborate the practices for dealing with them. It tries to respond to the needs it generates and to the questions posed by the rapid changes and upgrades that characterize the world's society nowadays.

The Department of Sociology of the Panteion University aims at the systematic study of society, social behavior in it's individual and collective forms, social institutions, the process of building and changing the structure of human society, the problems faced by the present man. To this end, it cultivates the study of the theoretical processes dealing with the social existence of man, theories that process social processes and attempt to understand the historical diversity of social morphology, the variety of cultural practices, forms of consciousness, thought and ideology. It also cultivates the techniques currently used to investigate social phenomena.

The Department of Sociology also aims to diagnose the character of modern Greek society, to highlight its historical peculiarity and to highlight its problems. Finally, it aims at educating sociologists, scientists informed and able to systematically process both the scientific and current perceptions of the social problems that they may have to face in their professional practice. For this reason, it seeks to educate and promote the exploration of the different aspects of social life and the problems created by the social coexistence of people.

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