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The Postgraduate Program 'Sociology' aims at the education of scientists with wide perception and specialized knowledge on contemporary cutting-edge issues concerning human rights, modern Greece, as well as issues of political and social theory.

The MSc was established in 1998 as a cross-departmental and interdisciplinary postgraduate program of studies in the departments of Sociology and Psychology. Since 2004 she has been renamed Postgraduate Studies 'Sociology' and belongs only to the Department of Sociology. The MSc 'Sociology' was approved by the Ministry of Education (Ministerial Decision 51720 / Β7 / 5-7-2005, Gov. GazetteFEK 797/13 / 13-7-2005) and operated until the academic year 2013-14. In 2014, the Sociology School was reformed (Gov. Gazette FEK 2307 / τ. Β / 27-8-14) and in 2018 it was re-established according to the current legislation (Gov. Gazette FEK 2626 / τ. Β / 5-7-18).

The postgraduate course is a two-year course of study and is awarded the 'Postgraduate Diploma' (equivalent to DEA and Masters) entitled 'Sociology' and with the following directions:

a) Social Exclusion and Human Rights

b) Greek and European Society

c) Social and Political Theory

The first direction, 'Social Exclusion and Human Rights', studies the phenomenon of social exclusion and human rights. The second, 'Greek and European Society', focuses on the study of contemporary Greek society and its constitution as well as the socio-economic developments taking place in Europe. Finally, the third direction, 'Social and Political Theory', mainly studies the theoretical issues and interpretative forms as they appear in the course of the development of social and political theory and are related to the analysis of social development with particular emphasis on the 21st century.

The first semester of study is common to all directions, while from the second semester of study the students attend courses of their own. In the sixth semester, the students prepare their diploma thesis.

The admission of new students to the Postgraduate Program is subject to examinations and the relevant call for expressions of interest is published around the end of May each year.

Teachers in the MSc come mostly from the Department of Sociology. The members of the MSc Coordination Committee and the Director with his alternate are elected by the Assembly of the Department for a two-year term.

In the sections that follow on the site, you will find more information about the Study Regulation, the lessons, the teachers, the last year's call for expressions of interest and the application for admission to the entrance examination.

Further information is also provided by the Secretariat of the Department of Sociology in the hours of cooperation with the students.


MSc 'Sociology'

Department of Sociology

Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences,

136 Syggrou Ave., 17671 Athens.

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