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Title/academic status: Professor

Sector: General Sociology

Academic field: Society and Community: Local Organization and Institutions in Today’s World

E-mail: trkost@panteion. Gr ,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: :Mob. +306977762388, Office +302109201892

Address: Alexandrou Diakou Square 4: 11524 Nea Filothei, Athens


Research interests: Society and Community, Local Community and Communalism. Local Democracy, local self-Governance. European Integration and Minorities, European Regional Policy.

Member in scientific associations: .

  1. Member of the Economic Chamber of Greece
  2. Member of the Association of Greek Regional Scientists.
  3. Member of the Editorial Board of a two-month theoretical and political Inspection dialogue and Dialectic
  4. Member of the drafting of Regional Science Journal Inquiry, Athens, Greece
  5. Vice-president of the Association of Faculty members at the University of  Macedonia 1996-2002 and Treasurer of the Faculty Association of the University of Macedonia 2002-2004


At Panteion University of Athens, in the Department of Sociology. I taught the following courses:

  1. Society and communalism
  2. Local society and administration
  3. Local democracy and regional organization in the European context
  4. Local community, European Integration and minorities
  5. Theory of Social Classes II: Contemporary Currents6. European Union: Institutions and Developments


Graduate Department of Sociology

Specialty of studies: Social Exclusion and Human Rights

  1. Local self-governance and social inequalities
  2. Unequal development and crisis of economic and social structures in Europe


Brief CV


1981  Financial Studies: Higher Industrial School of Piraeus, Degree on Business Management

1981-1982 Postgraduate studies in Political Eonomy at University of Göttingen-Georg-August-Universität Göttingen in Germany

1986  Master on Regional Development, Institute of Regional Development of the Panteion University.

1989  PhD on Regional Development and Policy, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Department of Public Policy


Professional Experience

1993- 2007 Lecturer and Assistant Professor at the University of Macedonia

2007-2010 Assistant Professor at Panteion University

2010-2015 Associate Professor at Panteion University

2015-today Professor at Panteion University

2017-today Hellenic Open University


Selected publications


  1. (2019), State and self-governance, under publication, ed. Papazisis, Athens.
  2. (2014), Local Democracy and European Integration, ed. Papazisis, Athens, Greece. p. 400.
  3. (2010), Local Society and European Integration, ed. Papazisis, Athens, Greece.        p 374.
  4. (2000), European Economic Integration and National State, Regions and Regional Policy of the European Union, ed. Brothers Kyriakides, Thessaloniki, Greece. p. 254.
  5. (1996), European Union and Local Governance: The Institution of Local Governance in Greece, ed. Papazisis, Athens, Greece. p. 298. (located in the Libraries of the University of Harvard and the U.S. Congress)

Articles in series, journals and volumes

(2013), «Europäische Integration und Nationalstaat: Die Muslimische Minorität im Griechischen Thrakien», Zeitschrift für die Regionale Wissenschaft, Vol. IV, (1), 2013, S 41-47.

(2012), «Die Europäische Integration unter dem Aspekt von Wirtschaft und Politik, Zeitschrift für die Wissenschaft Regionale», Vol. III (1), 2012, S. 27-42.

(2011), «Die Europäische Union und das Problem der Hegemonie: ein Historischer Rückblick», Zeitschrift für die Regionale Wissenschaft, Vol. II (2), 2011, S. 27-34.

(2011), «Die Türkei im Vorhof der Europäischen Union», Zeitschrift für die Regionale Wissenschaft, Band, I(1), 2011, S. 43-52.

(2009), «Communalism and Minority within the European Framework», East-West Journal of Economics and Business, Vol. XII - 2009, No 2, (p.81-94).

(2009), «Frontier Regions of the European Union: The National State and the European Union as significant factors to the function of local communities», East-West Journal of Economics and Business, Vol. XII - 2009, No 1, (p.75-87).

Conference/meeting announcements

(2018) «New Financial Instruments and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Greece: The case of the National Entrepreneurship and Development Fund (ETEAN)», with Aranitou, E. Pilalis and V.Tsaknaki. Presentations in Scholarly Conferences : Regional Science Association 58th European Congress, Cork, Ireland, 28–31 August 2018.

(2014), «European Integration and the Economic Crisis at the Periphery: the case of Greece». Presentations in Scholarly Conferences: Regional Science Association 54th European Congress, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 26–29 August 2014.

(2009), «From the equalizing community in modern communitarization». Presentations in Scholarly Conferences: at the International Congress of Panteion University with topic: «Social inequalities in contemporary Greece», Panteion University, Athens, 27-28 November 2009.

(2009), «Communalism and Minorities within the European Framework». Presentations in Scholarly Conferences: Regional Science Association 49th European Congress, Lodz, Poland, 26–29 August 2009.

(2008), «The institution of Local self-Government. The new role of women in the resistance and in new institutions». Notice to Congress of the Prefecture, the Municipality of Lefkada and the European Centre of Excellence of North Greece Jean Monne (Jean Monnet European Center of Excellence) at the University of Macedonia with topic: the National Resistance 1941-1944 in Lefkada, Lefkada, 27-28 September, 2008. 

(2007), «Regions on the border of the European Union: National State and European Union as significant factors to the function of Communities». Presentations in Scholarly Conferences: Regional Science Association 47th European Congress, Paris, France, August 29th – September 2nd, 2007 

(2005), «European Economic Integration regional inequalities and the Community Budget». Presentations in Scholarly Conferences: Regional Science Association 45th European Congress, Amsterdam, Holland, 23-27 August, 2005.



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