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Title/academic status: Professor

Sector: General Sociology

Academic field: Theory of Social Classes

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 2109201773

Address: 1 Ch. Tricoupi Str. Kallithea, Attica

Research interests: Sociology, Theory of Social Classes, Theory of Labour, Theory of Social Organization, Social Structure, and Social Exclusion.

Courses: Theory of Social Stratification, Theory of Greek Social Structure, Theory of Social Classes II: Contemporary Theories, Fiscal Institutions, State and Public Employment, Social Structure and Work (P.)



1984: Degree of Political Sciences at Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences.

1985-1989: Special Postgraduate Scholar at the Department of Sociology (Panteion University).

1989: PhD in Sociology at the Department of Sociology (Panteion University).


Professional Career

1990-1996: Special Scientist at the Department of Sociology (Panteion University).

1995-1996: General Director of the National Institute for Labour (in Greek, E.I.E).

1996: Lecturer at the Department of Sociology (Panteion University).

1997-1998:  General Director of the National School of Public Administration (in Greek, ESDD).

2000: Assistant Professor at the Department of Sociology (Panteion University).

2000-2001: Director of the Vocational Training Center of Panteion University.

2001-2004: General Director (official title: Governor) of the Public General Hospital of the Hellenic Red Cross (official name: GNA “Korgialenion-Benakion”, EES).

2005: Associate Professor of the Department of Sociology (Panteion University).

2006: President of the Department of Sociology (for the period: 1-9-2006/31-8-2008-Panteion University).

2007:  Vice Rector of Panteion University (for the period: 1-9-2007/31-8-2011).

2008: President of the Department of Sociology (for the period: 1-9-2008/31-8-2010- Panteion University).

2009...: Professor at the Department of Sociology (Panteion University).

2010-2013: President of the (National) Council of Higher University Education (S.A.P.E).

2013-2016: President of the Department of Sociology (Panteion University).


Monographs (Selected)

A.N. Lytras, Prolegomena to the Theory of Greek Social Structure, Athens, Nea Synora, 1993, pages: 263 (in Greek).

A.N. Lytras, Society and Labour. The Role of Social Classes, Athens, Papazissis, 2000, pages:  395 (in Greek).

A.N. Lytras, Micro-Bourgeoisie’s Function and Organization in Greece, Athens Papazissis, 2010, pages: 383 (in Greek).

A.N. Lytras, Wage Labour in Modern Society. The current realities and the challenge of change, Athens, Papazissis Publishers, 2016, pages: 282 (eBook, in English).

A.N. Lytras, A Radical Policy for Combating Unemployment. The Future Network: Autonomous Workers, Stock Holders, Consumers and the State, Athens, Papazissis Publishers, 2017, pages: 221 (eBook in English).


Articles in series, journals and volumes

A.N. Lytras, “The end of the collective action? An investigation”, V. Filias (ed.), Reflections and Notifications, Athens, Sideris, 1998, pp. 375-402 (in Greek).  

A.N. Lytras, “The reorganisation of labour. The creators and the recipients of the changes”, I. Lampiri-Demaki, Sociology in Greece Today. The completion of the trilogy, 1959-2000, Athens, Papazissis, 2002, Vol. III, pp. 285-296 (in Greek).

A.N. Lytras, “Quality and Management in Secondary Health Care”, K.N. Souliotis (ed.), Politics and Economics of Health, Athens, Papazissis, 2006, pp. 463-478 (in Greek). 

A.N. Lytras, “The Social Structure in Greece. Aspects from the social construction of twentieth century”, A. Moisidis, S. Sakellaropoulos, Greece in 19th and 20th Centuries, Athens, Topos, 2010, pp. 249-257 (in Greek). 

A.N. Lytras, “An Alternative for Combating Unemployment”, Journal of Sociology and Social Work, 4 (2), 2016, pp. 59-71, [DOI: 10.15640/jssw.v4n2a7, URL: https://doi.org/10.15640/jssw.v4n2 a7].


Collective Volumes [and edited volumes]

A.N. Lytras, P. Panteloglou, Agencies and Networks for Combating Social Exclusion [Report to the Ministry of Education and the European Commission (G.D.V)], Athens, Panteion University, 1999, pages: 152 (in Greek).

A.N. Lytras, M. Iasonidou, I. Karapistoli, Business Plan of the Public General Hospital of Hellenic Red Cross, “Korgeialenio-Benakio”, 2003-2006, Athens, Hospital of Hellenic Red Cross Korgeialenio-Benakio” (Decision of the Board: n. 16839/26-6-2003), 2003, pages: 207 (in Greek).

A.N. Lytras (ed.), “Report on the Evaluation of Panteion University”, The Socials. Selections from the Greek Sociology, Athens, Panteion University, 2017 (2010), Vol. III, pages: 941 (www.pandemos.panteion.gr, file:///C:/Users/LUSOFI/Downloads/18040_Lytras_Axiologisi_ Panteio.pdf in Greek).

A.N. Lytras (ed.), “Combating Unemployment during the Age of Crisis”, The Socials. Selections from the Greek Sociology, Athens, Panteion University, 2017, Vol. IV, pages: 201 (in Greek-Prolegomena in English) [«Η Καταπολέμηση της Ανεργίας στην Εποχή της Κρίσης», Τα Κοινωνικά. Επιλογές από την Ελληνική Κοινωνιολογία, Αθήνα, Πάντειον Πανεπιστήμιο, 2017, τ. ΙV, σελ. 201 (www.pandemos.panteion.gr, file:///C: /Users/LUSOFI/ Downloads/ A_N_Lytras_(ed)_KoinonikaIV_Ergasies_PMS_.pdf)]. 

A.N. Lytras (ed.), “Combating Women’s Unemployment”, The Socials. Selections from the Greek Sociology, Athens, Panteion University, 2018, Vol. VI (in Greek) www.pandemos.panteion.gr.


Conference/meeting announcements 

A.N. Lytras, K. Koskinas, “Labour and Class”, G. Liodakis (ed.), Society, Technology and Reorganisation of Production, Athens, Papazissis, 1993, pp. 310-322 (in Greek). 

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A.N. Lytras, “Child poverty in the societies of wealth”, Ch. Babounis (ed.), Conference: Children’s Age: Sociological, Cultural, Historical and Pedagogical Dimensions (Minutes- Athens, 11-14 April 2013), Laboratory of Social Sciences of the Pedagogical Department of Primary Education at University of Athens, Athens, 2014, pp. 218-228 (ISBN: 978-960-466-143-5, http://www.hellenicsociology.gr/sites/default/files/praktika _synedriou.pdf).

A.N. Lytras, “The Class Structure of Modern Capitalism. The social polarization and the issue of the collective subject”, Y. Tolios (ed.), The Class Structure of Greek Society-Class Consciousness and Political Inter-Struggle, Athens, Taxideutis, 2015, pp.  13-38.



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