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Title/academic status: Professor

Sector: Neohellenic Society

Academic field: Sociology and Health Policies

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: +302109201728

Address: 1 Trikoupi St. and Lagoumitzi St, 17671 Kallithea

Research interests: (a) Sociology of Health, Health Economics and Health Policies, (b) Social Policy, (c) Social Inclusion Policies, (d) European and Supranational Social Protection Policies.

Member in scientific associations: Scientific Society for Social Cohesion and Development.


Undergraduate: (a) Social Policy, (b) Globalization and Social Protection, (c) European Social Policy, (d) Society and Health – Health Policies.

Postgraduate: (a) The Welfare State in Greece, (b) European Social Policy.


Brief CV

Charalambos Economou is Professor of Sociology and Health Policies in the Department of Sociology, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences. His scientific, research, teaching and publishing activities refer to the fields of social policy, health policy, health economics, sociology of health, social inclusion policies, European and supranational social protection policies. He has extensive research experience as he has participated in numerous international and national research programs in collaboration with international organizations (World Health Organization, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) and research centers (European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, European Foundation for the Living and Working Conditions, LSE Civil Society Center, European Health Management Association, National Centre for Social Research, National School of Public Health, University of Athens Centre for Health Systems Management Evaluation, General Confederation of Greek Workers’ Institute of Labor, Scientific Society for Social Cohesion and Development).

Selected publications 


  • Economou Ch., Kaitelidou D., Karanikolos M., Maresso A. 2017. Health systems in transition: Greece. Health system review. WHO/EURO, European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, Copenhagen.
  • Economou Ch. 2015. Barriers and facilitating factors in access to health services in Greece. WHO Regional Office for Europe, Copenhagen.
  • Economou Ch. 2012. The institutional framework of health benefits in Greece: The functioning and the role of the National Health System, General Confederation of Greek Workers’ Labor Institute, Athens (in Greek).
  • Economou Ch., 2005. Sociology of health. Vol. A: Fundamental theoretical approaches. Dionicos Publishers, Athens, (in Greek).
  • Economou Ch., 2004. Health policies in Greece and the European Societies, Dionicos Publishers, Athens, (in Greek).

Articles in series, journals and volumes

  • Economou Ch. 2018. «The impacts of the economic crisis on the health system». In: Bitsani Ε., Mavreas Κ., Sotiropoulos D., Tsekos Th., eds., Institutions and policies in the era of crisis. Administration, society, health and the impacts of the crisis. Papazisis Publishers, Athens, pp. 287-310 (in Greek).
  • Damaskinos P., Koletsi-Kounari H., Economou C., Eaton K. A., Widström E., 2016. «The healthcare system and provision of oral healthcare in European Union member states. Part 4: Greece». British Dental Journal, 220(5): 253-260.
  • Economou Ch., Kaitelidou D., Kentikelenis A., Maresso A., Sisouras A. 2015. «The impact of the crisis on the health system and health in Greece». In: Maresso A., et al., eds. Economic crisis, health systems and health in Europe. Country experiences. WHO/EURO, European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies. Copenhagen, pp. 103-142.
  • Fouskas Th., Economou Ch., Sakellaropoulos Th., Varsamides K., 2014. "Unhealthy integration: Inequalities of immigrants' access to health services in Greece and policy recommendations for their elimination". Nursing Care and Research, 40: 214-235, (in Greek).
  • Siskou O., Kaitelidou D., Economou Ch., Kostagiolas P., Liaropoulos L., 2009. «Private expenditure and the role of private health insurance in Greece: status quo and future trends». European Journal of Health Economics, 10(4): 467-474.

Edited Books

  • Sakellaropoulos Th., Economou Ch., Skamnakis Ch., Angelaki M. eds., 2018. Social policy, Dionicos Publishers, Athens, (in Greek).
  • Economou Ch., ed, 2013. Health, society and economy. Unequal relations - welfare gaps, Alexandria Publisher, Athens (in Greek).
  • Economou Ch., Spyridakis M., eds, 2012. Anthropological and sociological approaches in health. Sideris Publishers, Athens, (in Greek).
  • Economou Ch., Feronas A. eds. Poverty and social exclusion in modern societies. Dionicos Publishers, Athens, (in Greek).
  • Kyriopoulos J., Gregory S., Economou Ch. 2003. Health and health services in Greece. Papazisis Publishers, Athens, (in Greek).

Conference/meeting announcements

  • «Using patient experiences to evaluate quality of PHC services and differences between types of PHC units», in: European Forum for Primary Care. Vulnerability and Compassion: The role of primary care in Europe. How to overcome the austerity period. Heraklio, Grete, 23-25 September 2018 (in collaboration with Kaitelidou D., Galani P., Konstantakopoulou Ο., Siskou Ο., Domente S., Boerma W., de Boer D., Groenewegen P.).
  • «Quality Assessment of Primary Healthcare Services through Users’ Experiences», in: 16th International Conference on Informatics, Management and Technology in Healthcare. Athens 6-8 July (in collaboration with Bistaraki Α., Milioni Α., Manta J., Diomidous Μ., Konstantakopoulou Ο., Galani P., Siskou Ο., Panagi Ε., Kaitelidou D.).
  • «The Greek healthcare system between Skylla and Charybdis», in: Nutrition, Public Health and Filotimo in Greece: A Holy Trinity in Crisis, Yale School of Public Health and the Hellenic Studies Program at Yale, March 31, 2017.
  • «Economic crisis, unemployment and poverty in Greece: implications for access to health care», in the Session “Economic crisis and health systems in Europe: the end of universal health coverage as we know it?”, iHEA and ECHE Joint Congress, Health economics in the age of longevity, Dublin, Trinity College, 12-16 July 2014.
  • «Monitoring the impact of the crisis in the health sector», in: High Level Conference on Greek Reforms in the Health Sector: Improving Citizens’ Health, Greek Ministry of Health, WHO/EURO, Athens Concert Hall, 12-13 December 2013.
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