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Title/academic status: Professor

Sector: General Sociology

Academic field: Sociology of Religion

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 210-9201772

Address: 136 Syngrou Av., 176 71 Athens


Research Interests

Historical and theoretical fundamental knowledge of Sociology as a science. Theories of Politics and Religion. The religions of the Mediterranean from Greek Antiquity to the present day. Politics and Religion in Ancient Greece, Hellenistic, Greek-Roman, Byzantine and Modern Civilization. The historical, anthropological and psychoanalytic dimensions of religion, as well as the economic worldviews of religions. Particularly the relations of politics and religion in modern Greek society and in modernity.


Participation in Scientific Societies

International Sociological Association (ISA)

European Sociological Association (ESA)

Association Internationale des sociologues de langue française (AISLF)

International Society for the Sociology of Religion (ISSR)

Hellenic Society of Political Science



a. Principles of Sociology I and II, (Compulsory) in the 1st and 2nd Semesters of Studies

b. Sociology of Religion I: Theory of thoughts and writers

Sociology of Religion II: State and Church in Modern

Greek society, (Selection) in the C and D semesters of studies

c. Social inequalities in the first semester of the Postgraduate Program Studies (Obligatory)


Short CV

Paparizos Antonis comes from Lagadas, Thessaloniki, where he finished high school. He studied Political Science at the Panteion University of Political Sciences in Athens and as a scholar of the French Government he completed postgraduate studies at Sorbonne-Paris I Panthéon and at the Center d'Analyse Comparative des Systèmes Politiques of the same University under the direction of M. Duverger: two postgraduate degrees in Political Sociology, Sociology and History. He is PhD student of Paris 2, from which he was ipso facto acknowledged as a lecturer in 1995. Since 1985 he has been teaching Sociology and Sociology of Religion at the Department of Sociology of the Panteion University, while as an invited professor he taught at European universities: Caen (France), Valladolid and Complutense - Madrid (Spain), Magna Graecia (South Italy), Innsbruck (Austria) and others, as well as in Greek. He served for two months in 2016 as an invited researcher at the University of Lausanne.

He is a Professor and for four years he was successively President and President of the Department of Sociology, as well as a new President during the period 2010-2012. He has also been a member of the University Senate, member of the University's Research Committee and other administrative committees for many years. He has been Director of the Department of General Sociology for the Department of Sociology for six consecutive years and Director of the Postgraduate Studies Program of the same Department for seven consecutive years, whose complete reformation has been undertaken twice. He has also been a co-founder and member of the Management Committee of the Graduate Program of the Faculty of Theology of the Kapodistrian University of Athens, 'Gender and Religion'.


Articles - Monographies

Religion et Culture Politique ”, Epithéoresse Politikès Epistèmes, Athènes, No. 3,1983, pp. 65-92 

“Société et Sens”, in Leviathan, no. 4, Athènes, 1989, pp. 127-138.

“Autorité Politique et Autorité mantique: Tirésias et Oedipe”, Kernos, no 3, Athénes-Liège, 1990, pp. 307-318 (Communication au Colloque: Oracles et mantique en Grèce Ancienne, Un/té de Liège, 16-18 Μαρτίου 1988.)

“Le Sens en tant que fondement commun du Politique et du Religieux. Mythe et institution politique d’Athènes”, Mythe et Politique, Bibl. de la Faculté de Phil. et Lettres de l’Univ/té de Liège, Fasc. CCLVII, 1990, pp.231-248. (Communication au Colloque: Mythe et Politique 14-16 Septembre 1989)

«Grec le «δαιμόνιος», ou la sublimation séculière et idéale du pécheur grec orthodoxe», in Chr. Constantopoulou, Barbaries Contemporaines, Paris, L’Harmattan, 2012, pp. 179-190.

«Orthodoxie et Modernité dans la société hellénique contemporaine. Attitude défensive-offensive de l’Orthodoxie hellénique face à la Modernité», Athènes, Volume en l’honneur de V. Filias, Université Panteion, 2016, 25 p. 

“Le charme de l'identité absolutiste: Religion et violence”, in Volume en honneur à Professeur Antonis Magganas, 2016, 16 p.




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