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Title/academic status: PROFESSOR



E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: +210 920175

Address: 136 Syngrou Ave, Athens 176 71

Research interests: Empirical Criminology, Urban Criminology, Victimisation Surveys, Fear of crime/insecurity, Punitiveness, Local/Community crime prevention, Social representations about crime and criminal justice, social reintegration of ex-prisoners).


Member in scientific associations:

Member the Scientific Committee of International Society of Criminology

General Secretary of the Hellenic Society of Criminology

Member of the European Society of Criminology

Member of the International Association of Francophone Criminologists

Member of the Hellenic Society of Penal Law.



Undergraduate Programme of Sociology:

Introduction to Criminology I

Empirical Criminology I & II

Criminal Investigation and Human Rights

Criminal Policy

Postgraduate Programme of Criminology:

Urban criminality, insecurity and punitiveness

Prevention of rime and social integration of ex-prisoners


“Crime and Cinema” organised by the Laboratory of Urban Criminology of Panteion University in collaboration with the Laboratory of Social Informatics of Technological University of West Greece.

“Methodology of criminological research and studies” organised by the Laboratory of Urban Criminology of Panteion University in collaboration with the Crime Lab of the National Center of Social Research.

Brief CV

Current Position:

Professor of Criminology

Director of:  The Section of Criminology of the Department of Sociology, the Master of Criminology and of Urban Criminology Laboratory, Panteion University.

Head of Administrative Board of EPANODOS, the Greek National Center for the Reintegration of ex-prisoners

National Representative at European Union Crime Prevention Network (EUCPN)

Studies: Law School of Athens. DEA and PhD in Criminology of University Paris II

Author: Five monographs, numerous criminological articles in Greek as well as international Journals or volumes.

Editor: Eight collective books and scientific responsible of numerous research studies. 

Member: The Scientific committee of the International Society of Criminology, General Secretary of the Hellenic Society of Criminology and member of the European Society of Criminology and of the Association Internationale des Criminologues de Langue Française (AICLF) as well as of the Editorial Committee of the Revue Internationale de Criminologie et de Police Technique, of the Greek Journal Criminology etc.

Past Positions: 

  1. Vice Rector of International Relations, Panteion University

Coordinator of the Task Force for local policing

Deputy Head of the Central Scientific Committee on Prisons

Member of the committee on the reform of law on drugs and of the committee for the codification of this legislation (l. 3459/2006) as well as of the Task Scientific Group for the Local Prevention Councils and of the scientific committee for the prisons and of the board of the Centre of Treatment of Drug-addicts persons.

Selected publications (up to 5 for any unity)


  • Empirical Criminology, Nomiki Vivliothiki Publ., Athens 1995, 2004.
  • Fear of crime. A criminological approach and inquiry based on an empirical study of the phenomenon within the city of Athens, European Studies in Law, A.Sakkoulas Publ., Athens-Comotini, 2002, Greek/English.
  • Crime prevention at the local level. The modern tendencies of criminological research, Nomiki Vivliothiki Publ., Athens, 2003.
  • Punitiveness. Modern tendencies, dimensions and criminological questionings, Nomiki Vivliothiki Publ., Athens, 2008.
  • Are there ghettos in the centre of Athens? Criminological research of social attitudes and representations (with Chrysochoou E.), Criminological Studies, vol. 1, MA of Criminology, Panteion University, Athens, 2015.

Articles/Chapters in journals and volumes:

  • “Criminal Victimisation in Greece and the Fear of Crime: A 'Paradox' for Interpretation”, International Review of Victimology, 16 (3), 2009, 277-300.
  • “Criminology as a discipline in modern Greece: Teaching, Research and Profession” in Sette R. (edited by), Cases on Technologies for Teaching Criminology and Victimology:  Methodologies and Practices, Hershey, PA (USA), IGI Global, 2009, 49-65.
  • Punitiveness, fear of crime and social viewsin Kury, H., Shea, E. (Eds.) Punitiveness – worldwide perspectives, Bochum: Universitätsverlag Dr. Brockmeyer, 2011, pp. 269-294.
  • Victims’ insecurity and criminal policy: The role of victim’s support services”, in Rivista di Criminologia, Vittimologia e Sicurezza, VIII (1), 2014, pp. 121-134.
  • “Violent criminality and fear of crime in the era of crisis”, in M.Gasparinatou (ed.), Crime and penal repression in the era of crisis, Volume in honour of Prof. Nestor Courakis, A.Sakkoulas Publ., Athens 2016: http://crime-in-crisis.com/11/ (in Greek).

Edited Books

  • Zarafonitou Ch. (Editor), (In)security, Criminal Policy and Human Rights, Laboratory of Penal and Criminological Research, Law School, University of Athens, A.Sakkoulas Publ., Athens-Komotini, 2007, (in Greek).
  • Zarafonitou Ch. (Editor), (In)security, Punitiveness and Criminal Policy, (with Courakis N.), A.Sakkoulas Publ., Athens-Comotini, 2009, (in Greek).
  • Zarafonitou Ch. (Guest Editor), “Fear of crime. A comparative approach in the European context”, Special Issue of CRIMINOLOGY, October 2011.
  • Zarafonitou Ch. (Editor), The profession of criminologist today: Content, challenges and perspectives. Proceedings of the International Congress organized by the MA of Criminology of Panteion University and the Association of Criminologist of Panteion University in Athens at 21 & 22/10/2011, Nomiki Vivliothiki Publ., Athens, 2012.
  • Zarafonitou Ch. (Editor), Criminological Studies, vol. 1,2 (2015) & Vol. 3,4 (2017), MA of Criminology, Panteion University, Athens, Greek-English (Greek-English).

Conference/meeting presentations

  • “Environmental degradation and fear of crime in the center of Athens: the research evidence” στην International Conference on “Changing Cities: Spatial, morphological, formal & socio-economic dimensions”, Skiathos, 18-21/6/2013.
  • “Postgraduate and Phd Programmes of Criminology in Greece” στην 14th Annual Conference of European Society of Criminology, Prague, Czech Republic, 10-13/9/14.
  • “Victimisation and insecurity of undergraduate students while using internet” στην 14th Annual Conference of European Society of Criminology, Prague, Czech Republic, 10-13/9/14.
  • “Violent criminality and the fear of crime in the era of crisis”, Criminological congress “Crisis, Crime and Penal System”, in honour of Emeritus Professor Nestor Courakis, Athens, 2-4/4/2015.
  • “The representation of criminal phenomenon in cinema”, Colloque “The civilisation as a mean of social integration of ex-prisoners” organized by the Direction of Visual Arts and Cinema of the Ministry of Civilisation and the Laboratory of Urban Criminology of Panteion University, Athens, 4-11-2018.


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