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Title/academic status: Professor    

Section: Social Morphology

Academic field: Sociology of education

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 210-9201801

Address: 136 Syngrou Av., 176 71 Athens


Full CV 


Research interests

  • Fields: Education. Social distinctions and divisions, Inequalities (e.g. class, ethnicity, gender, status), Knowledge, Theory, Research methods. Meaning, self, consciousness. Action and social movements. Solidarity. Social conception and perception.
  • Disciplines: Sociology of education, social and sociological theory, sociology of knowledge, epistemology and methodology of social sciences, political theory, and philosophy

Membership in scientific societies
Hellenic Sociological Society, European Sociological Association, Dutch Sociological
Association (Nederlandse Sociologische Vereniging)


>Undergraduate level courses: • Social Theory I (Classical sociologists) • Social Theory II (Classical sociologists) • Sociology of Education I • Sociology of Education II • Social Inequalities I • Social Inequalities II: Politics for Combating Social Exclusion (co-teaching) • Internship (in charge of students’ internship, for the Section of Social Morphology)

>Postgraduate level: • Sociology of knowledge: the problem of values and theoretical abstractions (both autonomous & co-teaching)


Brief CV

Vasiliki Kantzara, Professor at the Department of Sociology serves as a Director of the Master’s Study Programme “Sociology” at the Dept. of Sociology, Panteion University of Social and Political Science.
Her academic studies took place in three countries, Greece, Great Britain and the Netherlands. She holds a B.A. in political science (Panteios), a M.Sc in sociology (LSE) and a Ph.D in sociology/social sciences (University of Utrecht). She is also a qualified teacher for secondary education in sociology (University of Amsterdam).
Ms. Kantzara’s expertise lies in sociology of education and social and sociological theory. Her research interests cover a wide range of subjects and study areas, such as the relation of education to society, social inequalities (class, gender, ethnicity), social processes (social movements, solidarity), policy on education, as well as issues pertaining to the grounding of scientific knowledge. She has taught in Greece and abroad in and out of tertiary education
to a variety of interested groups.
Her writings cover a wide range of themes and ideas. Her texts in the form of articles and book chapters have been published in international scientific encyclopedia’s, scientific journals and edited volumes. She writes in three languages, Greek, English and Dutch. Her latest study examines the ramifications of the crisis in Greece and more particularly on education.
She is active as a member of Greek and international sociological scientific societies and has served as board member, and as chair of the research network sociology of education (European Sociological Association) (2013-2017); additionally, she has helped coordinate and organise many scientific meetings in Greece and in other European countries. For more information, see her curriculum vitae, also available at:  panteion.academia.edu/Vasiliki_Kantzara 

Selected publications

  • (2011)  “Consciousness: The Sociological Approach” στο Kreitler, S et al. (eds.) Consciousness and the Human Sciences, book series, Berlin, N. York: Peter Lang publ. gr. σελ. 20
  • (2011) “Status” στο Ritzer, G & M. Ryan (eds.) The Concise Encyclopedia of Sociology, Malden, Oxford: Wiley & Blackwell, σσ. 613-614.
  • (2009α) “Prestige” in Ritzer, G. (ed.) Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology, Blackwell Publishing, 2007. Blackwell Reference Online, 03/3/2009, σελ. 6.
  • (2009β) “Education, Social Functions of” in Ritzer, G. (ed.) Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology, Blackwell Publishing, 2007. Blackwell Reference Online, 03/3/2009, σελ. 8.


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